About us

Robert Lloyd

TreeBay Services is headed by tree surgery expert Robert Lloyd, who has over 16 years extensive experience in the business.

Rob learned his love of trees and his basic tree surgery skills working in his father’s firm in the early 2000s, working primarily in the private/domestic sector. Having passed all the relevant certifications in climbing techniques and the competent and safe use of chainsaws and other equipment, he then moved on to work for larger companies across the north west of England and Wales. 

This included caring for mature estate trees on private properties, often involving hazardous or large trees where advance rigging and felling techniques were required, and interesting commercial contracts where the tree care sometimes involved mobile cranes and sites in need of access by boat.

In 2013, Rob gained further training and experience with utility companies. This enabled him to expand his expertise in tree species recognition, growth characteristics and associated hazards, followed by the pruning and felling of trees in and around electrical apparatus and power stations.

Rob moved to Vienna in 2015 and spent the next 5 years working across Austria and Germany, undertaking the most awe inspiring work of his career, with many of the trees he worked on being over 130 feet (39 metres) tall. The work was very diverse, from courtyard tree in the cities of Vienna and Munich – including the regular care of the famous 400-year-old ‘Mozart-platane’ tree on Rennweg in Vienna – to breathtaking tree top views of the Austrian and Bavarian Alps.

Night work, working in tight spaces and helicopter-assisted felling were also a significant part of his European experience.

Now back in the UK, Rob has started his own business, TreeBay Services, offering experienced and expert tree surgery skills to both domestic and commercial clients in Cheshire and surrounding areas.

The TreeBay name was originally created for a ‘trade’ FaceBook group that Rob set up in 2014 for selling anything arboriculture and forestry-related. Today this is a very popular group with over 27,000 members across Europe and 1000+ posts per month.

With his enthusiastic, hands-on approach, extensive experience, and an abundance of trusted contacts in the business to call upon for resources, Rob is relishing this new stage of his professional life.