Hedge cutting and tree planting

Hedge cutting and tree planting are amongst the many tree care services we offer.

Tree planting

You might have just one or two goals in mind when planting trees: to attract garden birds, give fiery autumn colour, create a shady spot or replace a tree that has been recently felled.

Whatever your reason, trees have far-reaching benefits for all of us. As well as sourcing and planting your new trees, we can advise on which trees to plant and where to place them.

planting new trees

Hedge cutting

New hedges should be pruned from an early stage to establish a shape and prevent leggy, unhealthy growth.

The amount that can be pruned back will depend on the type of hedge. We can advise you on this if needed, as well as carry out the work and take away the prunings. Once the hedge is established, we can also perform regular maintenance will ensure it keeps healthy and neat.