Tree fellings and removals

As carers of trees, our aim is to keep trees healthy and beautiful. However sometimes, despite our best efforts, felling a tree might be the best option.

Trees are felled for all sorts of reasons. They may be aesthetic, to reduce the impacts of leaves and seeds or from wildlife living in the trees, or more seriously, due to root growth causing subsidence in nearby buildings.

Felling a tree might also be appropriate if the tree has been damaged or diseased in such a way that its structure is at risk and could fall dangerously in a garden, on a house, on a road or path. 

Storms can also damage trees so badly that there is no option other than to remove them. In these situations the safe removal of the tree is often an urgent matter, which is why we offer a 24-hour emergency call out service – just contact us.

We can advise on whether a tree can be saved. Sometimes less drastic measures are sufficient, for example crown reduction, dead wooding or introducing some sort of tree support system (bracing etc). Alternatively, we can advise on how best to take it down safely and perform this for you.

We can also remove the remains of the tree for you afterwards.